AStar and its Computational Resource Centre, was one of the first customers of B-barcelona consulting in Singapore. It is an honour for us to collaborate with a leading company in research and innovation by providing them all our knowledge in energy efficiency and datacentre construction.


Continuing our collaboration with Astar, B barcelona was awarded to design and specify the new datacentre that will host the HPC equipment of the National Centre for Supercomputing of Singapore. Our main challenge in this project is to provide state of the art solutions to satisfy the very high density (up to100 kW / rack) equipment requirements in terms of power supply and cooling.


This new data centre will be a landmark, not only in supercomputing capacity, but also in energy efficiency by introducing solutions never used before in a tropical country like Singapore, as it is high temperature cooling  of the servers and the use of dry coolers.



With the support of NTT Communications in Malaysia, B-barcelona consulting is designing the first data centre equipped with an air side indirect free cooling system in South East Asia for commercial purposes. The new data centre will be located on the premises of NTT in Cyberjaia, south of Kuala Lumpur and will initially have about 150m2 for the pilot stage.


The indirect free cooling system, a combination of air side direct exchange and adiabatic air cooling combined with a direct expansion coil, will minimize usage of conventional mechanical cooling and therefore it will significantly reduce the data centre energy consumption and improve its PUE.



Since 2002, B-barcelona from his office in Barcelona, ​​has collaborated with Orange Espagne infrastructure departments for the development and improvement of their basic infrastructure, either in the fibre optic network laying or building new and upgrading their legacy datacentres.


As a remarkable achievement and case study we have the design and construction management of Pedrosa data centre in Hospitalet de Llobregat. In this datacentre the latest state of the art trends in energy efficiency were introduced. Air side direct free-cooling in CRAHs and air side indirect free-cooling in  chillers were introduced. Moreover, Proper airflow management techniques, such us cold isle containment, differential static pressure control and inlet temperature control enabled us to raise the set point temperature up to 27º.


Meanwhile, other datacenters have seen refurnished and upgraded in their existing cooling and energy systems, introducing diverse energy efficiency strategies such as direct and indirect air side free cooling,  adiabatic cooling and solar photovoltaic panels.



Abertis Telecom is the leading company for telecommunications infrastructures operation in Spain and Europe. BGC, our office in barcelona, has collaborated with the operations unit for the development and improvement of their basic infrastructure.


We have participated in dozens of construction projects, inspection, upgrade or refurbishment, in which we focused upon the obsolete equipment renovation, preventive maintenance (through facility audits) and energy efficiency through innovation. An example of each of these would be:


- Genesis (Obsolescence): Project and construction management for the renovation of broadcasting centres in Aitana and Pechina, focused in power and cooling solutions.


- Structural Audits (preventive maintenance): Inspection of 250 steel telecommunication towers to audit their condition and assess for possible corrective measures to be taken for their conservation.


- Alpicat - Free-cooling (Energy Efficiency): Implementation of an innovative air based cooling system for the mission critical spaces, through the introduction of a tailor made free-cooling system.



Integrated into the architecture team, B-barcelona engineers participate in the design of building facilities and urban planning, such as in projects like Venice North for Country Heights, where strategies for enhanced energy efficiency where proposed.


We provide innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency and facility design in general, which we think can successfully be applied to the ongoing projects. By using simulation tools, we determine the optimum orientation of the buildings (thermal envelope behaviour and wind flows), but also the potential usage of alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic panels, thermal solar panels, wind turbine as well as other innovative solutions applicable to each case like low edge hydropower generation and induced cross-ventilation.





  • Collocation Data Centres

  • Telecom based Data Centres

  • High Processing Data Centres

  • Network Operations Centres

  • Green Data Centres


Mission critical infrastructures are essential for the technological revolution that we are living since the late twentieth century. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the founders of B-barcelona consulting provide leading edge designs and implementations of more secure, reliable and efficient IT infrastructures.



  • Fiber optic: MAD, FTTH and backbone networks

  • Broadcasting telecom centres, TX and cell stations

  • Mobile telecom base stations

  • Transport Telecom centres

  • Telecom Towers

  • Fast deployment off-grid antennas


B-barcelona has accomplished many types of telecommunication infrastructure roll outs. The extension of such infrastructures within the territory requires a comprehensive vision combining reliability, integration and costs.



  • Transport and ditribution lines

  • Co & Tri-generation plants

  • Wind and photovoltaic systems

  • Thermo Solar energy systems

  • Support and bac-up systems

  • Energy management systems

  • Audit and Energy advice


The approach to energy and more specifically to energy efficiency        is a  transversal subject  within B-barcelona consulting.

Improving energy performance and reducing energy consumption are always a key issue in our new projects, or upgrading of existing facilities.



  • Electricity and Lighting

  • Water and Drainage

  • Gas

  • HVAC

  • Fire protection

  • Building technologies

  • Renewable energies


B-barcelona consulting offers a multidisciplinary approach in the design of building facilities, taking over to the entire range of facility systems. The aim of our projects is to obtain a maximum architectural integration of our facilities, maximizing its functionality and efficiency. 




B barcelona consulting provides its experience and know-how to serve clients in the definition of the exact designs that provide a response to the complexity and challenges of their infrastructures, either those are new or existing ones.

In area of mission critical facilities we like data centres, telecommunication and IT infrastructures in general, we provide any type of leading edge and customized solution.

  • Preliminary feasibility studies;

  • Technical analysis and assessments.

  • Conceptual designs;

  • Submission projects;

  • Detailed and construction projects.



Auditing and innovation processes are essential for the continuous improvement of our customers’ facilities. Throughout inspection and analysis we detect potential hazardous and non-optimal situations within the existing facilities and operational processes of our customers. Later on we suggest and propose improvements based on our experience and innovation capacity. Amongst others we offer:

  • Assessment for certification with Uptime (Tier) and TIA942A (Rate).

  • LEED certification for Data Centres and general purpose buildings.

  • Structural audits.

  • Energy efficiency assessment for Data Centres and general purpose buildings.

  • Resilience analysis for mission critical facilities.

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies for energy efficiency improvement



A key issue during the design and construction of new infrastructure is that the client maintains control over the work. B-barcelona consulting provides this support through the surveying, coordination and  supervision in a technical and economic basis from an independent perspective and close to the owner.



Through the assessment services we provide value to clients, not just at the time when he is evaluating an investment in infrastructures, but also through all the life cycle of it. As such, B-barcelona intends to take advantage of its organization flexibility in order to remain close to the customer, advising them when requires as their strategic infrastructures keep always optimal and satisfactory.

  • Investment assessment.

  • Facility improvement assessment.

  • Process assessment.

  • Energy assessment and monitoring.

  • Energy efficiency assessment.

  • Quick response service.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT//  Innovation, Flexibility, Proximity, Specialization



The energy use throughout the life cycle of a building is now a days a key issue that determines its concept, design, construction, operation and decommissioning. This is why B barcelona believes that the treatment of energy must be given a transversal approach that reaches all areas of activity of the company, from the data centre design and IT infrastructures to master plans, architectural building design and the operation and maintenance of existing buildings.


Energy efficiency is especially important for data centres. An ongoing worldwide concern exists as energy consumption in data centres has reached 3% of the overall world consumption. Even more important, the cost of energy in a data centre during its life ranges the 30% of its overall TCO. Therefore energy efficiency is a key factor that directly impacts the industry datacentre.


B-barcelona consulting provides solutions and strategies to improve energy efficiency, either in the design phase, construction or operation of a building or infrastructure.



Since 2007, B-barcelona Consulting has been using BIM techniques both to improve the product offered to customers as to improve their own internal productivity. Using software like Revit, CYPE MEP or other more specialized programs such as LEADER or CALENER, we have optimized our designs while offering to the clients the BIM advantages (3D visualizations, parameterization of objects, coordination etc.).


CFD analysis


The use of advanced simulation techniques, allows B barcelona consulting to optimize their designs and ensure that the facilities behave as they were planned to. Through building modelling and the usage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) we can simulate the behaviour of air flow and heat transfer in our facilities.